Monday, September 05, 2005

Jim Hall Concierto

Jim Hall Conierto

The Concierto ,track 4, in the CD is a little more than 19 minutes of modern jazz that leaves me feeling so good to be alive. Yes I'm grateful to hear and cherish sounds that come from the alto sax of Paul Desmond. And than the soft tones of Chet Baker is full of feeling without any fooling around, nothing but healthy notes.

The rhythm section carries everyone along. Jim Hall, guitar, Roland Hanna, bass and Steve Gadd, drums. Each takes a solo or two that made me want this music to go on and on.

Eric Friesen played this track a couple of weeks ago on his CBC Radio Studio Sparks program from Canada. Even though this music was recorded in April 1975, it has the feel and newness of a contemporary work.


joared said...

Glad to find your blog from Ageless Project and this emphasis on jazz. Am hoping to do more on the subject at my new blog. Am able to hear some really good talented groups regularly -- variety of tunes. This group you list sounds interesting.

Bob said...

I enjoy jazz, classical and folk music. Living in a U.S. border community provides me with great music and radio hosts on CBC Cananda.