Sunday, September 28, 2014

iPhone 6 for $199! Really??

Hey I'm hooked on Apple products. I've got an iMac computer, iPad 4th gen, iPhone5 and a Apple TV. Also my three old iPods that are in use at various times. I like all of them. MacWorld magazine comes into my mailbox once a month. That sounds like a full disclosure. Well it is.

 I've friends that love their Samsung smartphones. One of them asked me why I spend more money for these Apple products when he is very happy in his cheaper  PC/Android world. To answer that question is another story.

Last week the iPhone 6 came out. So being hooked I just had to find out if I was qualified to get a new iPhone 6. I wasn't looking forward to ringing up ATT to learn when my two year contract expires or did it already expire? After all I kept reading that the new iPhone 6 only costs $199 go the 16 GB model. My budget can handle that. 

After pressing a couple of  buttons on my old clunky Panasonic wireless phone, After going through three menus a text message is sent to iPhone 5 saying congratulations I'm eligible for an "upgrade". That's sounds good right from the start. "Hold on" as the Brit's like to say. Does that mean I can order my new iPhone 6! 

Then I go back to yet another menu to press zero to talk to a nice customer sales rep. After about 15 minutes of marketing lingo, she says that I've got to wait until February 9, 2015 to buy it for $199. That's the day after my birthday and when a new contract begins if I sign one, to get the brand new iPhone 6. 

Was I disappointed? Yes. But now after reading this  zdnet article I'm glad I was't eligible.

 I'm re-thinking ATT Mobility and how to pay for the new iPhone.