Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Computer Music

A few months ago I upgraded my desktop speakers to a pair of Bose. They're hooked up to my laptop. Now playing on the laptop is at a much higher level.

Right now I'm listening to AccuRadio-jazz the piano jazz section. For some reason they don't stick to the music you selected. For example they may play two or three piano jazz numbers and than an instrumental. But that's ok. But let me caution you. As the old idiom says 'There are no free lunches'. There are some commercials every eight to ten minutes or so. Some times they're for car insurance. But the ones I find really annoying is for Viagra. After hearing the third one I switch to another genre.

Sometimes I move on to the Latin tab. Once there, my favorite music is the Tango. [see the two Tango dancers--Wow!] My favorite composer? Astor Piazzolla, now I'm listening to my most favorite tango piece: "Adios Nonino" it's so lyrical, with shifting tempos. Oh my I can hardly write with this sensual music. I'm thankful to have this piece on a CD.

Once in a while I listen to Textures. One day I found the group: "Gotan Project". Textures played a couple of numbers and I was hooked. I bought the CD: "Lunatico". It's new Spanish music with a variety of beats and rhythms. Great music to listen to while on the elliptical trainer at the Livionia Community Recreation Center. With all of the different gentres at AccuRadio they don't half folk music. However there is Country/Western. So when I need my Folk music fix I move on to FolkAlley.

When none of the above is working for me I open up Itunes or turn on my Bose Wave Radio and listen to Music and Company, Tom Allen in the morning. In the afternoon (when I'm home) the variety of classical and a jazz in a while can be heard on "Studio Sparks" with Eric Friesen.

Eric's selection one day moved me to write my first post. has concerts on demand in a variety of genres. If you enjoy good music of all kinds it's worth spending some time exploring the rich sounds from north of the border. One odd point of geography. If you are looking at Windsor Ontario from downtown Detroit you will be facing south.