Friday, October 09, 2009

Stunning News President Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

I received a tweet this morning from a person I'm following. It had a link to the NY Daily News. Was this a hoax? So I checked the NYTimes and sure enough they published the news also.

What will this change? A sitting president with the Nobel Peace Prize can only help the vision he has given.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Torture Without Accountability

Frank Rich in his April 26, 2009, " The Banality of Bush White House Evil", NYTimes Op-Ed gives a rather detailed current history (last 8 years or so) of our government's involvement in torture as it relates to 9/11 .

For those who want to see Rich's references, the online version is the one of choice. These references are what gives Rich's critiques credibility. Reading his April 26 piece is certainly worthy a reader's time to be brought up to date if one has interest in this unsavory subject--torture.

The president has made it clear that going over this issue is "looking back" as I've heard him say. That's understandable given all of our nation's problems. What's also understandable is why Dick Cheney has reversed his position on making related documents declassified. For after all he might be one to be held accountable. Being a highly skilled politician, Cheney wants to get a head of the curve.

Americans, regardless of their political position, feel they are being held accountable for their actions and therefore, they want people in responsible positions whether inside or outside government to be held accountable too. That's a significant issue behind the bailout money in addition to higher taxes in the future. Most Americans are outraged over the lack of accountability by government officials and executives of business' taking bailout money.

What is most disturbing is America's long history regarding torture. During the Spanish American War we did the "Water Cure". In the 20th century alone, the CIA participated in torture during the Cold War as documented in "The Question of Torture" By Alfred W. Mc Coy.

To move our nation toward the moral high ground, government officials involved in torture need to be held accountable. I couldn't agree more with Frank Rich's conclusion:

" President Obama can talk all he wants about not looking back, but this grotesque past is bigger than even he is. It won’t vanish into a memory hole any more than Andersonville, World War II internment camps or My Lai. The White House, Congress and politicians of both parties should get out of the way. We don’t need another commission. We don’t need any Capitol Hill witch hunts. What we must have are fair trials that at long last uphold and reclaim our nation’s commitment to the rule of law.".

Sunday, March 22, 2009


After celebrating my 74th birthday, I've been thinking about aging more often. The Mayo Clinic newsletter arrives in my inbox every Thursday. This week came with a link to a very informative article about Aging.

Knowing what to expect seems better than experiencing the changes and then wondering if they are 'normal' or not. The article also gives links to other articles that tell the reader how to improve their health. I always look forward to the Mayo Clinic newsletter.