Thursday, October 21, 2010

Source of Grief

Last February I attended a funeral. While sitting in the chapel observing the immediate family which consisted of six members ranging in age from 74 to 8. I was thinking of their grief and others as well including mine.

This question lingered in my mind: What is the source of grief when the person who died is a close to you or close to one you love?

The question is not new to me. I've considered it many times since July 1995.

Here is my answer: Death has taken away the future with our love one. No planning with him/her. No dreams of a better relationship. No making amends if any are needed. So grief is about the lack of a future.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A View of Our System From the Left

This 11 minute video gives an animated overview of the crisis of capitalism from the left by David Harvey. With all of the major problems we are facing as a nation, it seems to me our 'system' often referred to as capitalism is just not questioned at least in the main stream media.

Historically we have had major problems/crisis and have worked them out with good ole American ingenuity as my grade school teachers called.  Harvey's main point is that we have worked them out in the past but not sufficiently to avoid the next crisis because we have not changed our system.

In 11 minutes Harvey gives a credible summary of the causes and processes of our system's problems at least from the perspective of the political left.And as he admits, he doesn't have a solution but wants to contribute to debate.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Roger's Resources

Disclaimer: Roger's Resources blog is authored by my son Roger J. Frank.

I added Roger's Resources to my blog roll. The blog's subtitle is "It's Never Too Late To Learn!" What a positive, simple statement, a philosophical one as well. The blog's title could just as well be Roger's Educational Resources but perhaps he has more content in other fields than education in mind.

Since Roger Frank is a teacher for Urban Neighborhood Initiative (UNI) at the All Saint's Center in Detroit's Mexican Town, he writes some of his posts in Spanish as well as English. I'm sure the visitors, whose first language is Spanish, find the blog most welcoming. However any English Second Language (ESL) learners will find a wealth of content on the this blog as they continue to improve their English skills.

For example, the ESL learner can learn to speak Enlgish correctly by watching and listening to the videos listed in the Video section. How does a learner practice speaking the T sound correctly? The first link in the Video section is a great help in learning to speak the "flap" T sound and the "true" T sound.

A dedicated student or the casual one could learn to speak and write English correctly by spending some time each day at Roger's Resources. Keep in mind this blog is for every learner who wants to improve their English skills. 

"It's Never Too Late To Learn!"