Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Department of Peace and Nonviolence

So many of us want peace and nonviolence. From my observation, I see many, many people pursuing peace and nonviolence. So why not have our government reflect what we want? For after all, in theory , the power of the government flows from us the people.

So today the Department of Peace [DOP] legislation has been re-introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. It is Bill #HB 3760

Here is a brief overview of the Department of Peace-

What is it?
DOP is a citizen, grassroots lobbying effort that establishes nonviolence as an organizing principle of American Society.

It will:

  • Establish a cabinet level post that will provide the U.S. President with an array of peace-building policy options for domestic and international use.
  • Create and empower methods and perspectives that will address the root causes of violence.
  • Focus on peaceful conflict resolutions, work to prevent violence before it begins and promote justice and democratic principles to expand human rights.

  • Provide much needed assistance for the efforts of city, county and state governments in coordinating exciting programs in their own communities, as well as programs newly developed and provided by the DOP.
  • Teach violence prevention and mediation to America's school children.
  • Effectively treat and dismantle gang pschology.
  • Rehabilitate the prison population.
  • Build peace-making efforts among conflicting cultures both here and abroad.
  • Develop policies to address domestic violence, child abuse, hate crimes, racial violence and mistreatment of the elderly.
  • Support our military with complementary approaches to ending violence.
  • Gather and coordinate information and recommendations from America's peace community.
  • The DOP will create and administer a U.S.Peace Academy, acting as a sister organization to the U.S. Military Academy.


  • Make our homes, schools, businesses, cities, states, nation and the world a better place to live.
  • Reduction in violent crime and associated costs, thus saving millions of dollars in the crimnal justice system.
  • Reduction of violent crime will foster the business community resulting in economic growth.
  • Improve the quality of learning in shools. School violence disrupts learning thus a loss of valuable quality time.

How can we make DOP happen?

Call your Representative at the U.S. capital switchboard: (202) 224-3121. To find your Representative, visit Tell the staffer who answers your call that you want your Representative to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Department of Peace and Nonviolence Bill #HB 3760 legislation. Request a written response explaining your position and the reasoning behind it. You can call your local office as well. It is most effective if you call the D.C. office first, then follow-up with a fax or email.

Remember the DOP legislation is a grassroots effort therefore it is up to us to take action by contacting our House Representative. Also discuss the DOP with your friends, neighbors, relatives and collegues. When our conversations center around the topic of violence, the DOP is a positive way to carry on our discussion.

Writing letters to newspapers, TV producers and magazines is a good way to get the word out regarding DOP.

Much of the "What is It" section above are exerpts from a white paper by John R. Shack, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist, in the booklet titled, "Michigan Department of Peace Campaign, Political Action Guide 2005-2006, pp 4-5. Contact John R. Shack for more information.

For copies of the booklet contact Citizens for Peace District 11, Colleen Mills at (734) 425-0079 or email

"Be what you want from others" (Ghandi)


Joshua said...

my instinctive response to this is cynicism. it just reveals how little i believe in the power of govt to pursue these kinds of ends. but i truly hope this idea gains steam.

Robert Villiard said...

The Department of Peace and Non Violence, I'm all for that.

I just attended a speech given by Sr. Helen Prejean, author of the best selling novel and award winning movie, Dead Man Walking. I suspect her take on the D.O.P.N.V. effort would mirror mine. Although in the Bible it states 'an eye for an eye', Jesus didn't say it and didn't preach it.

Like she said, 'killing the killers' is the old way, we can be better than that and take our country and the world to a better place.

I'll contact my representative and support the push to establish a Department of Peace and Non Violence.

Thank you.

Bob V.

colleenmills said...

I just got back from the Department of Peace Conference in DC. It was inspiring to meet people from all over the US working to create peace. The presenters included Patch Adams, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Johnathan Schell, Coleen Rowley, and many others. Marianne Williamson, Dennis Kucinich and Walter Cronkite were wonderful! There were over 150 congressional meetings scheduled. This is a movement that will be successful when enough of us demand it from our government. Please join us! Thank you Bob for encouraging this conversation.

Roger said...

Nice summary, I want to check ou the booklet.