Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Movies-- Oh Yes Movies!

I fully enjoy movies. It seems as if I always did. Fond memories of walking the half mile or so to the Westown, theater, Detroit, in the 40s with my Mom to see those fantastically entertaining grade B movies. Oh those were the days. But so are these days.

Last weekend I saw "Breach". The story was based on a real life FBI agent who betrayed our country by selling top secrets to the Soviets. The acting was first rate. Chris Cooper, one of my favorite actors, played the the real life agent Hansen who is now spending the rest of his life in a Federal Pen. At least 50 people died as the result of his betrayal. I enjoyed this film in a theater. You know the ones with the big springy back where the cup holder arm rest can be swung down out of the way. While waiting for the flick to start a saw a man with a huge bucket of popcorn sit down next to three youngsters. That bucket was nearly the size of my pail that I use to wash floors. Why am talking about this experience? Well it's because the very best way to see a film is in the theater. The experience is more than watching a movie. You get a chance to see movie trailers where half way through it you hear yourself say, " Won't see that one". In fact more often than not that's what I say.

Now there are times when you want to snuggle up to the TV in a cold winter night and watch a flick on a DVD. Last Sunday night was just that kind of time. Watched "Osama". It is about a 12 year old girl who suffers under the repressive Taliban regime. This Golden Globe Winner, 2004 Best Foreign Language Film, was filmed in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. The cinematography is a gem. A must see flick.

But the question for me is what movie is worth spending the time watching? I've been looking for a resource that will give me a review. Well I found just the place. Joared at "Along the Way" linked to such a site. At DVD Journal they give you numerous full and quick reviews with lots of details on the length and features of the DVD.

If your looking for elder movies, check out ElderMovie List at "Time Goes By". There you will find more movie links.