Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Fun of Tying Knots

Tying knots was always a challenge for me. Several years ago I had to learn the bowline. This very popular knot is used by sailors and others alike. I had a purpose and that was to secure a jib sail at the bow of a 23' sailboat. For several nights I sat in my living room practicing this well known, useful knot. Over and over again I practiced it. A few days later, I'm now on deck at the bow ready to tie the bowline. For me to tie it properly I would have to be positioned on the water side of the boat. All of my living room practice sessions did not take into account. Thanks to Josh's February 23, 2007 post at Song From Me there is site we can all go to and see just how to tie many knots for sailing, climbing, construction and other purposes. Animated Knots by Grog is one of the best sites I've seen for tying knots.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Lenten Message

Well once again yesterday was Ash Wednesday. Here is a Lenten message worthy of reading everyday for the next 40. What does it mean to me? To others?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Little Entertainment Always Helps

Joared at Along the Way linked to a very entertaining act by a French performer, Jerome Murat. It runs 8:19 minutes but worth the time. Illusionists are quite intriguing. My first illusionist act experience was seeing Blackstone the Magician at the Shubert Theater in downtown Detroit in the 1940s. As many wonderful old buildings in Detroit are no longer there but my memory is still well constructed as I now see Blackstone standing on stage with the over-sized flowing black cape covering his black tuxedo. He stands next to a table with a large flower pot filled with a leafy green plant. As his classical looking glistening black silver metal tipped magic wand glides over the plant, it is instantly filled with red flowers. He plucks off the flowers and tosses them into the cheering, applauding audience.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Did you know it is Pet Dental Care Month? Neither did I. But indeed it is.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Harvard vs. Mayo Clinic Newsletters

Last May I started receiving "Healthbeat", Harvard Medical School's email newsletter. I'm not sure how I come about finding it. I wanted some reliable, current medical information. At first it seemed that the content was sufficient. However they always left me wanting more about the topic. So if you wanted to get more information lets say about "Cholesterol" than "Just click Here" to buy their $16 pamphlet on the subject. It's overpriced. Oh yes Harvard Medical School is prestigious name. But it's still overpriced. I sought out a booklet from my local library and found out that they too thought it was too much and they didn't buy the booklets. Lately "Healthbeat" gives very little information on the topic but a full description of the related pamphlet and it's table of contents. And then when you visit their web site the only health information there is about their publications. Both the email newsletter "Healthbeat" and Harvard Medical School web site are nothing more than an extension of their marketing department.

Last month I was searching for some health information and found the Mayo Clinic web site. I found all of the medical information I was seeking. They too have an email newsletter called "Mayo Clinic Housecall". I subscribed to it. The first edition arrived in my inbox yesterday Feb. 6. It is a very well designed newsletter. It contained 11 brief descriptions of articles ranging from new research about Drug-eluting stents:Do they increase heart attack risk, stress and end of life issues. Included were 4 recipes for healthy eating and a link to the Healthy Recipes Center . Here are some of the articles that provided sufficient analysis and practical ways to use the information: "Prevent Stress Setbacks", "Time Management:", Stress Center (contains several stress related articles) and "Cholesterol Test:Sorting Out the Lipids". The Cholesterol piece provides information to understand the test results provided by the doctor. Often times the doctor will tell you whether your numbers are in the acceptable range and that's about it.

I'm looking forward to next week's Housecall.