Monday, May 12, 2008

Beards and Moustaches

Several years ago I use to wax the hair above my upper lip. My sideburns were long and shaped like pork chops. At the time, Moustaches were the 'in' thing to have at least for men any way. My 'stach started to turn the color of the hair above my forehead. That is gray. Was I getting that old? I use to think as I shaved the hair on the rest of my face. (Who says men are not vain?)

I just found this web site that makes me long for my moustache. These guys are truly proud of there facial hair. I stand in awe. If you want to see some neat beards, check these out. Take a closer look at the German in the white and black stripped jacked. (Click on the photo)

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joared said...

Wow! Those are some really hairy pictures. (Sorry 'bout that.) My brother still sports a mustache of which he's very proud despite it's lack of red, his once natural hair color. Plus, that and his whiskers are about the only place on his head where he can grow hair. He now says, "You can't have hair and brains, both."

Years ago I recall giving him a gift associated with helping him care for the handlebar mustache he was trying to grow. He finally gave up on that as his hair texture just didn't seem to give him the sustained curl he wanted.