Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who Are We?

Over the years I have heard many motivational speakers. Some were very good, others so so and some were well meaning with a misguided message. Lately I listen to Obama and become inspired by his message of hope that we together all of us Americans can make our government and our world a better place.

Just a few minutes ago I watched Jill Bolte Taylor and experienced one of the best speeches ever. Her method and delivery was top drawer. The twenty minutes of her message flew by.

She merged science with the spiritual. She informed without talking down to us. In the conclusion we were given choices.

If you, like me, need from time to time some motivation to keep you on track watch Jill Bolte Tayor's speech.


Joared said...

Bob, thanks for the link. Jill Bolte Taylor's recovery is phenomenal as is the message she delivers. Her stroke experience has given her unique insights.

Given the state of our country and the world we certainly can benefit from messages of hope from those who would be our leaders to keep us motivated for actions that must be taken by them and us. Obama certainly has been an inspirational speaker I noted when I first heard him speak at the convention years ago.

We can hope the right choices will be made come election time and following inauguration day.

Stuart said...

I just blogged my reaction to viewing the Jill Bolte Taylor video... from the perspective of my own experience with Zen, psychoactives, and the big questions of life. It's here:



Bob said...

Joared--The pundits and Obama's opponents are trying to make oratory skills a weakness, a negative. It's really his strength and power

Stuart-- I can see how Taylor's message can affect people in different ways. Thanks for providing a link to your blog.

Stuart said...

Bob said...
The pundits and Obama's opponents are trying to make oratory skills a weakness, a negative. It's really his strength and power

It's vital to consider this: if you minimize the value of oratory skills, what do you offer as the alternative?

In order to change people, there are a number of options. One is to convince them through the power of your words. Another is to put a gun to their head and threaten them. Government action almost always involves the 2nd type of persuasion.

I believe that Hillary trashes Obama's oratory skills because she seeks to force her will on the citizenry through government power. She must consider this a better technique than using reasoned persuasion.