Friday, June 01, 2007

Cost of Iraq War

First let me say the most tragic cost is in human life. With that said, Lets talk about U.S. dollars. Now it's over $430 billion. Click here to see an up to the minute figure. While your there check to see what that amount dollars could be spent on children's education, health care etc.

Now when the cost gets to $456 billion here is a eye opening break down:
  • $4,100 for every American household;
  • $1,500 for every American;
  • $3,400 for every taxpayer;
  • $11 million per hour and;
  • $275 million per day
In April 2006 I suggested: Click here for the complete post.

Tax war. Let’s start by imposing a tax on the cost of the Iraq war which is over $274 billion. That turns out to be $1099 [click 'Entire U.S. 'box on the right then select 'per person']for each person in America. Congress would direct the IRS to require every tax return to include a separate section for the Iraq War Surcharge. The surcharge would total $1099 times the total number of persons in the household. A separate check would have to be submitted for the surcharge.

Currently we went to war on borrowed money and as the war continues we will borrow more money. Some day we and my grandchildren will be taxed for this war. But maybe if we have to pay the bill now for this war, just maybe, the American voters will not be so quick to support another war.


joared said...

I think you have a good idea here -- a pay-as-you-go war. Maybe those that declared it and supported it in the first place could pay just a little bit more.

When I think of the needs here that are unmet, New Orleans comes to mind. Don't we have some obligation to our own?

roger said...

As you pointed out the human cost is the greatest. The number of physically and psychologically injured is and will be large also. This war never should have happened. Pray for PEACE.

Bob said...

Joared I like that slogan-"Pay-as-you-go war". Also Perhaps all of those in our government who want war and have eligible children should be required to have their kids join the military before we start a war.

Bob said...

Roger, I agree we should pray for peace and at the same time pray for our strength and courage to act for the cause.

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