Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Little Entertainment Always Helps

Joared at Along the Way linked to a very entertaining act by a French performer, Jerome Murat. It runs 8:19 minutes but worth the time. Illusionists are quite intriguing. My first illusionist act experience was seeing Blackstone the Magician at the Shubert Theater in downtown Detroit in the 1940s. As many wonderful old buildings in Detroit are no longer there but my memory is still well constructed as I now see Blackstone standing on stage with the over-sized flowing black cape covering his black tuxedo. He stands next to a table with a large flower pot filled with a leafy green plant. As his classical looking glistening black silver metal tipped magic wand glides over the plant, it is instantly filled with red flowers. He plucks off the flowers and tosses them into the cheering, applauding audience.

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joared said...

Interesting info re Blackstone. Never had the opportunity to see him perform. Hadn't realized he performed in our L.A. Magic Castle for so long. I've heard from a friend the Castle is a fascinating experience. Have wanted to go there, but haven't made it yet.

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