Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sustainable Consumption

Sounds good to me. But what is it? Sierra Club says: Sustainable consumption is the use of goods and services that satisfy basic needs and improve quality of life while minimizing the use of irreplaceable natural resources and the byproducts of toxic materials, waste, and pollution.

One way they suggest is to buy from your local farm market. They are in full swing now. Here is where you can find your local market. Many of them are in the open air but under cover. Last wednesday I visited the Ann Arbor market. Being mid week, many of the the young mother's were pushing their stroller with some of the world's cutiest babies. And not one of them was crying!!

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Nancy said...

Supporting your local farm market may have the surprise effect of lowering prices in your big box organic foodstore, at least seasonally. Attendance and warm words would also encourage local growers to persevere in their effort to get their goods to market.