Thursday, May 11, 2006

100 Years and Beyond??

Recently a friend called to tell me that a mutual friend passed away. As we were consoling each other she said to me, “Bob, if you live as long [about 86] as I you will slowly see your friends pass away”. She went on to say that it wasn't fun. She related that each week she would visit her friends in their assisted living homes and the pain of seeing them loose more and more of their health and memory. I told her, “You are my role model for loyalty to friends!!” She is an upbeat person with a great sense of humor and likes to laugh.

Our friend spent the last 1 ½ years in an assisted living home due to dementia. But that didn’t get in the way of the many visits that were always filled with laughter over current times and the past.

After the phone call I got to thinking of my aging. I remember signing the retirement documents in 1994. One of them stated that my longevity was estimated to be 74. Just recently my financial advisor sent me my investment plan for updating. It estimated my longevity to be 94!! Well isn’t that something.

How does one live a long life? Of course there is no guarantee in any of those estimates.

This morning I was reading a Harvard Health Publication about how there are projections for an increase in people living 100 and beyond. In the report there were some practical suggestions for living. To be sure, these suggestions are beneficial for people of all ages.


Roger said...

Interesting article, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bob,

Exactly 2 years before you posted this article my dad passed away (May 11, 2004).

He (my dad) was in his late seventies and my last conversation with him was about how eagerly he was looking forward to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Inspite of his failing health, he never once complained about his pain & sufferings. I pray to God, I have his strength to cheerfully endure pain when I'm old & weak.

Your buddy, Al.