Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Understanding Two Dreams

Rick Steves' writes about two dreams one American and the other European in his:"A United Europe in the 21st Century: Eclipsing the American Dream?"

There is more to the American dream than what he states. However what Steves gives is adequated for the discussion.

For Americans who want to understand the differences between us and the Europeans would be well served in reading this essay.

Over the years I've tutored Europeans in an English Second Language (ESL) class. After reading this piece I was left with the thought that my students could have written the definiton that Steves gives for the European Dream.


John Shack said...

Which philosophy is ultimately healthier for the individual human spirit and the world economy as a whole? Which will foster an end to terrorism and war more effectively? Which will elevate man from adolescence to maturity?
"Being" beats "doing" as a measure of personal worth by all mental health standards. Steves' comparisons need to be discussed.

Bob Frank said...

If we're looking to improve the world economy than the American dream serves that end well. But to bring terrorism and war under control than the European dream works better for that end. But than the world economy is stifled by terroism and war. Synthesize the two dreams and accomodate where possible.