Sunday, December 18, 2005

Burning Books

So much is lost when books are burned. Culture, ideas that could inspire new and better ways of living, enhancement of one's life are just a few things that are lost when people intentionally burn books.

But when an earth quake strikes people's basic survival needs must be met. If it is cold outside, people need to be warm. My thought was did they have to burn books? What other items were available rather than books? Was the burning done by people who have little or no regard for books?

As these questions continued to come to mind, I was sobered when reading that at least 87,000 people were killed and an estimated 3.5 million left homeless. More will perish as a brutal winter sets in.

Somehow book burning seemed less important.


Roger said...
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John Shack said...

What a grim option. I would have to burn nearly everything but books first.

Roger said...

What a horrible situation. I think they must have been very desperate, but I also think that some of the people that burned the books probably did not have a high regard for books in the first place. I agree with John's comments: truly a grim option.