Sunday, September 28, 2014

iPhone 6 for $199! Really??

Hey I'm hooked on Apple products. I've got an iMac computer, iPad 4th gen, iPhone5 and a Apple TV. Also my three old iPods that are in use at various times. I like all of them. MacWorld magazine comes into my mailbox once a month. That sounds like a full disclosure. Well it is.

 I've friends that love their Samsung smartphones. One of them asked me why I spend more money for these Apple products when he is very happy in his cheaper  PC/Android world. To answer that question is another story.

Last week the iPhone 6 came out. So being hooked I just had to find out if I was qualified to get a new iPhone 6. I wasn't looking forward to ringing up ATT to learn when my two year contract expires or did it already expire? After all I kept reading that the new iPhone 6 only costs $199 go the 16 GB model. My budget can handle that. 

After pressing a couple of  buttons on my old clunky Panasonic wireless phone, After going through three menus a text message is sent to iPhone 5 saying congratulations I'm eligible for an "upgrade". That's sounds good right from the start. "Hold on" as the Brit's like to say. Does that mean I can order my new iPhone 6! 

Then I go back to yet another menu to press zero to talk to a nice customer sales rep. After about 15 minutes of marketing lingo, she says that I've got to wait until February 9, 2015 to buy it for $199. That's the day after my birthday and when a new contract begins if I sign one, to get the brand new iPhone 6. 

Was I disappointed? Yes. But now after reading this  zdnet article I'm glad I was't eligible.

 I'm re-thinking ATT Mobility and how to pay for the new iPhone. 


Roger Frank said...

Great post! Like they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Ilene Frank said...

Yikes! Yes, Bob: Check around! I knew I was going to be annoyed if I kept seeing charges for my iPhone 4S show up on my bill every month, so I just went ahead and paid for it upfront - and I'm on Virgin Mobile with a cheaper cost per month for phone service. I gotta say that T-Mobile seems to have some attactive options these days. Might be worth a look!