Thursday, October 21, 2010

Source of Grief

Last February I attended a funeral. While sitting in the chapel observing the immediate family which consisted of six members ranging in age from 74 to 8. I was thinking of their grief and others as well including mine.

This question lingered in my mind: What is the source of grief when the person who died is a close to you or close to one you love?

The question is not new to me. I've considered it many times since July 1995.

Here is my answer: Death has taken away the future with our love one. No planning with him/her. No dreams of a better relationship. No making amends if any are needed. So grief is about the lack of a future.

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joared said...

The source of grief is an interesting subject to ponder. I would agree the grief associated with the death of loved ones, family and friends, does represent feelings associated with the realization that not only do we lack a future with the person who died, but losing them may even cause us to wonder about our own future. Also, we may experience grief with other significant figures we may not even know personally.

Eventually, we do acquire hope based on confidence we can create a new future for ourselves.