Thursday, December 21, 2006

Beyond Google

I started using Google exclusively just before it became hugely popular I think. Anyway I thought it would be well to become familiar with one search engine and then move on to others. Well I rarely moved on.

But tonight the Librarian's Internet Index lead me to Online Education Database. From OEDb I learned that there is an Invisible or Deep Web. It was like pulling a loose thread on a sweater when this University of California Berkeley Library site displayed a search tutorial. It was like hitting a jackpot. Just look at the Table of Contents or the Handouts.

Thanks UC Berkely you have done one first class job.

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Joshua said...


this is a good intro to the deep web issue. i'm not sure what i think about the oedb -- could be useful, but they don't give any information about who they are or why they're offering their database.

the best bit to remember is that if you're looking for some particular info, someone probably made a 1) database or 2) web application to deal with it. these may or may not be searchable through the trad. search engine, but it doesn't hurt to look for them