Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gordon Parks A Treasure for Humanity

A couple of years ago I saw an exhibition at the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) featuring black and white photographs by Gordon Parks. It showed that he was an artist of the first order. He passed away recently but with much gratitude his art remains. At Legends Online there is a quote that made me reflect on how people choose to live their lives so differently. Some choose to enrich life and others choose to destroy it. Legends Online quotes Gordon Parks:

"Those people who want to use a camera should have something in mind, there's something they want to show, something they want to say...," Parks explains. "I picked up a camera because it was my choice of weapons against what I hated most about the universe: racism, intolerance, poverty. I could have just as easily picked up a knife or a gun, like many of my childhood friends did... most of whom were murdered or put in prison... but I chose not to go that way. I felt that I could somehow subdue these evils by doing something beautiful that people recognize me by, and thus make a whole different life for myself, which has proved to be so."

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John Shack said...

I've seen some of Gordon Parks photos but never heard his poetry or music. He truly is a very gifted "old soul".